Prahova Classic Nights

We are privileged to hold exceptional classical concerts where you can participate by being only a few meters away from the amazing artists.You can feel the grace, the strength and the emotion in their timbre.

Opera singers, pianists and instrumentalists gifted with pure talent and beauty, experienced artists on the most important stages of the world, are amplified by the grandeur of the location through its history, its architecture, its surroundings and its culture.  We wish you to transfuse this blessed moments created out of love especially for You, the listener.


Russian Opera Stars

The Prahova Classic Nights represents an artistic concept created by mezzo-soprano Margarita Mamsirova, in collaboration with the company Zamora-Estate and talented friends, famous opera singers.

It is a unique manifestation in Romania, in an exclusive location, gathering international musical stars in a series of amazing concerts. The distinguished Margarita Mamsirova, got inspired by the history of the Cantacuzino Castle, where at the beginning of the XX-th century the family Cantacuzino was organizing a five o’clock musical.

The castle is a right place with wonderful surroundings which deserves to have organized regular concerts of classic music, thus building a cultural bridge between Russia and Romania.


The Cantacuzino Castle

At the foot of the Zamora Mountains in the place of an old hunting shelter, the prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, laid in 1906 the foundation stone of the castle that now carries his name. The construction of the castle was entrusted to the talented Grigore Cerchez, who designed it in Brâncovenesc style.

The building is situated in the eastern part of the Bușteni city, at an altitude of 916 m, having a large view on the Bucegi Mountains and the magnificent Prahova Valley, full of history and legends. Today, the castle is open for visiting and is host to various cultural events such as art exhibitions and classic music concerts.

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